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Repair Terms & Conditions 

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By agreeing to this (Booking a Repair in via Doncaster Shop) I authorise CDS to carry out repairs to my device. I accept that having my device repaired could lead to other faults, or highlight further faults that may be of a different nature and, therefore cannot be repaired by an CDS Technician. I understand that CDS cannot be held liable for any data loss which could occur as a result of any work carried out on my device. I also agree that I am responsible for backing up my device before handing it over to an CDS Technician for repair.

I also accept full responsibility for any data loss, hardware or software failure during or after the repair by CDS unless the fault or loss is due to severe neglect by an CDS Technician. I accept that any repair or technical support carried out by CDS may void manufacturers warranties for the device. CDS will not assume any responsibility in the event that a manufacturer’s warranty is refused or void, but may in some cases offer its own warranty on said parts or services. I accept that it is my own responsibility to inform CDS of known faults to the best of my ability, and also understand that even though all CDS Technicians will check the phone over for faults before and after, some faults may be unnoticeable. CDS Technicians will contact you with any further knows faults with the phone and consult with you before repair is undertaken.

CDS Warranty
All Premium repaired devices come with a comprehensive 90 day warranty and all Standard repairs come with a limited 30 day warranty. The warranty is non transferable across devices and terminates at the device point of sale or change of ownership. All the information on the device paperwork must be current and correct, and this must be presented for all warranty claims.

Warranty Cover:
Any repaired or replaced part that is found faulty or does not work as intended. CDS warranty is limited to the purchased item. IE if parts are purchased, then only parts will be replaced. If parts and labour were purchased then both parts and labour will be warranted. Warranty will cover replacement only and will not cover refund. The Technician is responsible for warranty work and should be booked in through our repair store in Doncaster. 

Warranty does NOT cover any kind of accidental/intentional damage, including but not limited to physical, liquid or client interference damage.

As part of our service we have to check the device before the repair has taken place to ensure there are no other problems also the device has to go through the same process once the repair has finished, this involves using unlocking the device to test each part.